4 thoughts on “£10 A Week Day 3

  1. Hi, I did the Jambalaya yesterday and only used half of the ingredients and there was still enough left over today – there are 2 of us. I don’t think I’m understanding correctly this £10 a week Menu. The sausage cost £1.30 for just a 2 and a half inch length, the seafood cost well over £2.00 (the cheapest I could find), the 4 small thighs (although skinned and more expensive) were well over £3.00 again from the cheapest supermarket. That’s without the peppers, tinned toms, garlic, etc. Has to be about £6.50 and we haven’t eaten breakfast or lunch. It would have cost even more if I had bought and used the ingredients stated.


    1. £1.30 for a tiny piece of chorizo wow. I paid £1.58 for 200g in Morrisons. Firstly I guess you’ve rushed in to doing this challange and I can’t blame you, The Jambalaya is one of my favourite dishes. The £10 each a week is for the whole weeks food based on a family of four. If you look at the shopping list at the start of this weeks challenge it’s all priced up. The Jambalaya is the more expensive meal of the week. Other days use 20p a packet for seafood spaghetti. Over the week it all evens out and most of the ingredients get used up. I’m still putting this week up so the rest of the meals are not there yet, but on my menu this week I’m making Lemon breaded fish & chips and a delicious butter bean stew. Thank you for taking the time to try these recipes and let me know how you get on with any others.


      1. Yes, as usual I rushed in without seeing the Recipes are for a family of four! Mind you I loved the Jambalaya. My DIL makes it for us on occasions and so it will be nice when they come down next time and I can serve it up! I got the sausage from Tescos, but will shop around next time. After I added the rice I put it all in the microwave to cook as I often find cooking this type of thing it can stick to the saucepan and I could have a sit down, rather than keep stirring it.

        I’ve done a chicken in the croc pot today and will add some of that to the left over Jambalaya for our evening meal.

        I’m not too bothered about doing the meals for a certain price, I’m just very pleased with the lovely recipes you are putting on – so giving me some more things to add to my repertoire as you get bored with the same old….

        Thank you very much. Looking forward to reading some more of them!


      2. Thanks you for your kind message, Yes I noticed the Tesco chorizo way more expensive, so when I shop in Morrisons I tend to pick one up as they last for ages and we try not to eat too much processed meat anyway.


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