How to cook Mussels video


Mussels with Bacon and breadcrumbs
Serves 2

Shellfish might not be to everyones taste, but its a great source of protein that can be quite cheap if not free. A bag of mussels with more than enough for 2 can be picked up for about £4 in a lot of supermarkets. Or if you live near the coast, you can forage and collect your own for free.

In this cookery video I show you how easy it is to cook them with a delicious white wine, bacon and breadcrumb sauce. I first had this version in a small French seafood restaurant overlooking the sea, so you knew the fish would be really fresh.

If you’re worried about cooking mussel just remember to throw away any that are open before you cook them and any that are closed afterwards. If you’re not sure about any it’s probably safer to not eat them.