1-2 people Meals

Photo by Phil Ashley

This section of my blog is Shopping lists and recipes for 1-2 people, eating for just £1 each a day, including breakfast, lunch and dinner. As it’s more expensive to buy for one or two, the price may sometimes be a tiny bit higher, but I’ve still tried to keep it as cheap as possible.

I have tried you design these meal plans with a variety of dishes, some weeks have more meat, some more fish, and some are vegetarian. The meals are supposed to inspire people to cook more from scratch to save money and eat healthier, but also be interesting.

Each week of the challenge, has an easy to read shopping list with prices, which then leads on to the days and it’s recipes. Some of the recipes use leftovers from others, so if you want the try these challenges, read through them first. Or alternatively you can just look up the recipe on the search button.

Most of the recipes are taking from my collection of cook books, by Jamie Oliver, Rick Stein and Nigella Lawson, or online from the bbc or delicious magazine. I always try to credit the source of the recipe if I can.