Exciting News

NEWHome Economics Jacket

The good news is that after 4 months of not putting any new budget saving weeks up on this blog, I at last have time to plan more menus. The reason I haven’t had time wasn’t because I was watching Game of Thrones, but because I’ve been really busy writing, testing, designing and photographing my first cook book. Well I didn’t photograph it, Phil did, I wouldn’t know which end of a camera to point and shoot. But I did cook everything you’ll see in the book. And as before we ate and tasted all the recipes, even if it meant taking load of cakes in to work to get rid of them. Of course they didn’t grumble about that.

The Publishers Short Books also tested every recipe, so you can be confident that they really work, aren’t too difficult and are money saving. Just like this blog all the menu weeks are budgeted with a complete shopping list priced up, so it’s so easy to follow. I also have loads of tips and tricks to show other ways you can save money but still eat tasty, healthy food. There are over a hundred new recipes that don’t appear on this blog, but don’t worry; the recipes already here aren’t going anywhere, and I will be adding more soon.

The book, Home Economics, Eat well, Spend less, will be out in January 2018, Just in time for the worst month, when you’ve over spent at Christmas but still have to wait a whole 31 days until the end of the month. We also decided to print it in paperback to keep the price down to make it affordable to more people. I hope if you do buy it you enjoy cooking from it as much as I enjoyed producing it.

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