Brexit Box

Brexit box shopping list
I’m the type of person that likes to cover all eventualities, I’ll make 2 desserts in case one doesn’t come out right, or I’ll back up my back up on my computer. So this blog may result in being irrelevant or it may save you a lot of hassle and discomfort in the near future.

Ok I’m going to say the B word . . . Brexit. There I said it. This one word has the potential to divide family and friends. We’ve banned it in our extended family, as it causes so many arguments. Whichever way you voted, that’s your choice, you had your reasons and this post isn’t about the vote that took place 2 years ago. It’s about safeguarding yourself in the future.

We can’t all jet out of the UK if everything goes wrong like some politicians, celebrities and millionaires, but that doesn’t mean we have to sit by and do nothing. I’m hoping very much that this blog is laughed at in the future, I’ll be laughing with you if everything goes well. I’ll be relieved, but the way it’s looking at the moment, with the idiots we have running the show, I’m not so sure.

Lets talk about stockpiling food, I’m not talking about those obsessed American preppers with their guns living in the hills or down bunkers, but having a few extra supplies in a cupboard or box in case of emergencies. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been looking up prepper techniques and that’s a whole other rabbit hole to fall down. I have got some great hints and tips from those sites, but even I can’t persuade Phil to dig a bunker in the garden just yet.

This post is about if the ports get blocked up and gridlocked so fresh produced can’t get in to Britain after Brexit. You’re going to want to feed your family, heck you’re going to want to eat yourself. I’ve written a list of essential ingredients to help you cook interesting meals without needing to go anywhere near a shop and fight over that last croissant in the bakers. If you buy a little often early, it won’t even have an impact on the supermarket shelves, They run on a ‘Just in time’ system, where the fresh produce is picked one day and in the shops only a few days later. It’s when everyone waits til the last minute like Christmas or heavy snow that you get panic buying.

This list will also do if you get snowed in or can’t venture out for whatever reason. However much you buy depends on your own circumstances, how long you want it to last, how many people you’re feeding and how much you can afford to put by. Remember, none of this food should go to waste, if all is ok you’re just going to use it another time, Unlike home or car insurance this one you can actually eat.

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I’m sure that the water and electricity supply will be fine and we won’t suddenly turn in to savages and cannibals, but if you can make your own home cooked meals and carry on as normal until the problems are ironed out the better for everyone.

As we don’t know how long it’ll take. I’d suggest being one with nature (no no, keep your clothes on madam!) and start growing at bit of your own vegetables, like tomatoes, potatoes, lettuce, courgettes and fresh herb, that kind of thing. I’m not talking about turning in to Tom and Barbara Good, but hey, if you want to keep chickens and dig up your lawn go for it.

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Listed here is a weeks worth of Breakfast lunch and dinners for a family of 4, with treats and snacks to keep up the spirits. I haven’t added extra herbs, spices and oils to this list as most people have them, but if you’re running low, maybe pick up what you need early.

All the recipes can be adapted to suit your dietary needs by swapping in or taking out. There should be enough vegetables to keep scurvy at bay. As well as freezing your own veg, you could also think about freezing chillies, garlic, onions, ginger, lemon and lime wedges. These can be defrosted or grated straight from frozen to spice up meals. I remember the dull dishes from the 70s, and don’t want to go back to them.

As well as tins and packets I would advice buying flours and yeast to make bread, rolls and chapati or wraps. A few snacks and treats like chocolate and wine is always good to hide away from the family for emergencies too.

Remember you can freeze milk, cream and soft cheeses if you have room. Dried meats, hard cheese and salted butter can be frozen too, but will last for months in the fridge if kept sealed anyway. Eggs can also be frozen. Crack them in to silicon muffin tins or clingfilm in metal, then freeze flat. They can be popped out and placed in freezer bags afterwards to save space. Defrost fully before using in baking and cooking, they’re not great fried, but poached or scrambled is fine. You can even freeze the yoke and whites separate if you need to in baking.

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Meals for 1 week

Porridge with UHT, soya milk or water with Honey or frozen fruit
Cereals with UHT, soya milk
Tin bacon/ham toasted sandwich
Homemade toast and jam
Poached or scrambled eggs with tin bacon

Homemade black bean soup
Tin bacon/ham sandwich on homemade bread
Homemade tomato & chilli soup
Quesadilla with tuna, sweetcorn and cheese
Homemade sweet potato and chorizo soup
Homemade pea soup
Huevos rancheros

Frozen carrot risotto
Arancini from risotto with melted cheese
Tomato and tuna spag bol with garlic toast
Chorizo with beans, tomato and frozen peppers stew with wraps
Biryani with rice, curry paste and frozen veg
Frozen mix vegetables with couscous
Pealla with chorizo, rice, frozen peppers, onions and seafood

Puddings and treats
Vegan chocolate cake
Rice pudding
Pineapple upside down cake
Anzac Biscuits
Frozen fruit or peanut butter UHT milk smoothies
Frozen fruit cobbler

There is plenty of other recipes on my blog if you’ll looking at more than a week. Most of the fresh ingredients can be swapped for frozen or tinned.

Don’t forget other items you may need to have a few spares of, like tea, coffee, toilet roll, shampoo, shower gel etc. And if you really want to maybe some cleaning items too.

If you’re buying meat to freeze, maybe put it into smaller freezer bags, for the right amount you’ll need, then you won’t have to defrost anything you won’t use straight way.