1 Person £2 Day 4

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Courgette and mushroom carbonara pasta • Photo by PhilAshley.com

Pasta is one of my favourite dishes as It’s extremely cheap and easy to make. There’s no need to buy jars of expensive carbonara sauce with this traditional recipe, It’s just made with egg yokes and cheese. Added together with the courgettes, mushrooms and salad and you’ve covered your 5 a day.

Day 4
Toast and jam

Curry rice

Courgette & mushroom carbonara pasta

Courgette & mushroom carbonara pasta with salad

Ingredients for the pasta
2-3 mushroom sliced
1 medium courgette baton sliced
1 clove garlic
3 x egg yokes
1/2 packet pasta, half saved for lunch
Handful of grated cheese
Tablespoon of olive oil

Serve with a small mixed salad
A few lettuce leafs
A slice of red and yellow peppers chopped up
A few tomato chopped up
Some carrots sliced with a peeler
Some slices of cucumber


Firstly put some salted water in a large pan on to boil for the spaghetti.

Cook the pasta to the packet instructions.

While the spaghetti is cooking heat the oil in a deep sided frying pan, and gently fry the mushrooms and courgettes for a few minutes until softened.

While the vegetables are cooking, in a bowl mix with a fork the cheese with the eggs yokes. And season with salt and pepper.

When the spaghetti is cooked drain it over a bowl and keep back a little of the starchy water.

Pour the cooked pasta in to the courgette and mushroom mixture and stir.

Turn off the pan and wait a minute for it to cool a touch then pour in the egg mixture and give it all a good stir, you don’t want the eggs to scramble but you do want them to cook in the heat of the pasta.

Add a little of the saved water if it’s a bit dry to loosen it slightly.

Serve with more ground pepper and cheese if you like