Home Economics book is printed

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At last, my first book has been printed. I’m so pleased with it. It looks lovely, it’s just the sort of book I would’ve brought when trying to save money on my food shopping without compromising on taste and health.

It contains loads of hints and tips to help you save with pictured step by step instructions for basic money saving recipes. Plus all the meals have finished photos as I know how important that is when trying unfamiliar recipes.

The book also contains all the usual photographed and priced up shoppings lists just like my blog, to help when you’re buying ingredients for the week aheads meals. Including breakfast and lunch suggestions to help you save even more.

We wanted to keep the price low so printed it in paperback to make it more accessible if you’re on a budget. It’s priced at just £14.99 which you could easily save with a week of my meal planning.

The book contains about 90% new recipes that don’t appear on this blog and a few of my favourites that do. But don’t worry the recipes that are on this blog will still stay here for free when you need them.

The publishing date is the 28th of December just in time for a frugal January.



3 thoughts on “Home Economics book is printed

    1. Hi I’ve seen it in Waterstones and foyles. If they don’t have one they could order it in for you. Or amazon is selling it if you don’t have a local bookshop. I hope you enjoy it wherever you purchase one.


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