My book is in the shops


We were near Leicester Square the other day so decided to pop in to the big book shop there called Foyles to see if they had a copy of my book in. We walked down to the lower ground floor where the cookery section was to take a look.

If you’ve ever been to Foyles you’ll know what a huge section that is. Rows and rows of books by many different celebrity chefs and cooks. After hunting around a bit we found my book in the British section right along side Mary Berry, what an honour. I’m not sure quite why it’s been put there as a lot of the recipes are from around the world like curries, pastas, tacos, all sorts of different meals as well as the traditional fish and chips. But I guess that know what they’re doing.

So of course I had to see what it would look like sitting in the front so I could take a quick photo… And I may have left it there for others to see too.