2 People £1 Shopping List

2 person £1 shopping list-1

Updated shopping list August 2018 – £20.21 = £1.44pp per day


Speaking to work colleagues about my £1 food blog, a lot of them say that although it’s a great idea, they feel they can’t give it a go as they are only a couple and wouldn’t need to have that much food. Therefore a lot of it would go to waste, which is exactly the opposite of what I’m trying to promote.

This £1 challenge is ideal for some of my friends that live in a shared house with other people so therefore can’t have a big surplus of food hanging around. Its also great for students or older retired couples.

I am aware that 4 people can eat cheaper than 2 so this budget does go a little bit above the £1 a day by 9p. But at only £15.35 for a weeks food for 2 people, that’s still cheaper than a round of drinks in my local pub.

As before I will give you a list of usual stock cupboard ingredients for the weeks meals to check before you go shopping that they haven’t run out.

The list of extra stock cupboard items to check on are, Ketchup, Mayonnaise, Olive Oil, salt, pepper, fresh Parmesan, Olives, Cumin, Tomato purée, Balsamic vinegar, Lemon juice, capers, gherkins, dried oregano, bay leaves, Worcestershire sauce, plain flour, tea, coffee and sugar. If there are any ingredients here you don’t like just leave them out.