2 People Budget Shopping List

2 peple £2.60 shop list

Shopping list priced at January 2018 

Most people think that if you’re trying to save money on your weekly food bill that you have to cut out meat, and this can put a lot of people off even trying. So I’ve come up with a week of budget recipes that contain meat every day, even if it costs a little more than my normal budget weeks.

It’s all about using the right cuts (although nothing scary, like tripe) and making sure you use all of it. This week a packet of stewing steak is slow cooked and used in three different meals, padded out with vegetables and pasta. The chicken also makes three delicious meals including a couple of fancy chicken Kievs.

These recipes come from all over the world, from England to France to the Caribbean and beyond so there should be plenty to keep you interested.

As before there are a few garden herbs or usual stock cupboard ingredients to make sure you have in case you’ve run out. These are; Olive oil, salt and pepper, Dried mixed herbs, Wholegrain mustard, Ground cinnamon, Cayenne Pepper, Honey, Dried Oregano, Ground allspice, Plain Flour, Paprika, Stock cubes, sugar, bay leaf.