2 People Budget Day 6

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Chicken Kiev with Loaded potatoes and salad • Photo by PhilAshley.com

I looked up the original recipe for chicken kiev and it seems it didn’t originate in the capital of Ukraine after all. Wealthy Russian households often employed French chefs who came up with the idea. Early NewYork restaurants chasing the custom of these well to-do immigrants gave the chicken and garlic a romantic name to remind them of home. Later, the recipe returned across the Atlantic to confuse us all!

Porridge or Toast

BLT Sandwich

Chicken Kiev with loaded potato skins and salad

Serves 2

Ingredients for the chicken Kiev

2 chicken breasts
4 rashers of bacon thinned
2 teaspoons olive spread
1-2 cloves garlic crushed
2 stalks of parsley chopped
2 crusts for breadcrumbs
1 egg
100g flour
Salt and pepper
2 tablespoons olive oil

Ingredients for the loaded potato skin

2 large potatoes
1 bacon rasher cooked and chopped
80g of grated cheese
1/2 chopped onion
1/2 teaspoon of Dijon or whole grain mustard

Serve with a small mixed salad

A few lettuce leaves
A few slices of red and yellow peppers chopped up
A few tomatoes chopped up
Some carrots sliced with a peeler
Some slices of cucumber


Preheat the oven at 200°C.

Prick and bake the potatoes

To cook the chicken Kiev, firstly make the garlic butter by mixing the crushed garlic with the butter or spread and finely chopped parsley stalks and leaves

Take off the extra bits of chicken fillets for the Cajun rice later in the week. Cut a slice on the underside of the chicken breast – be careful not to cut right through. Fill this with the garlic butter and close it up to seal in the mixture.

Lay two rashers of bacon on a clean cutting board and stretch out with the back of a knife to thin out. Lay the chicken breast on top and roll the bacon around it. This should help enclose the butter even more.

In three separate bowls add a little flour with salt and pepper, an egg with a dash of water, then mix with a fork and some prepared breadcrumbs.

Dip the bacon wrapped chicken in the flour then the egg mixture then the bread crumbs, then fry for a few minutes in a little olive oil turning once until the crumb coating is golden.

Finish cooking in the oven with the potatoes for another 10- 15 minutes until the chicken is white and cooked through.

Serve with the loaded jacket potato skins and a small salad.

To cook the potatoes, pop in the oven at about 200°C for about 20-30 minutes until soft when you squeeze them. You can start them off in a microwave first to save time.

Carefully take them out and slice in half to let them cool a little.

Then scoop out the potato and mash this in the bowl with the onion, cooked bacon and salt and pepper.

Place the skins open side up and cook for a further 5 minutes until they harden slightly. Meanwhile using 3/4 the cheese, mix this in the bowl with the mashed potato.

Take the harden skins out of the oven and turn on the grill. Then fill each of the potatoes with the Mixture and top with the rest of the grated cheese.

Grill for a few minutes until the cheese starts to melt and go golden.