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A little secret I’ve kept to myself the last few months is my photoshoot and interview for Sainsbury’s magazine. The team there were so lovely and made what I had been dreading a lovely experience. They originally asked me to come up with a budget week for a family of 4 for their thrifty meals edition. But when they asked me to do a photoshoot for them in my own kitchen I was a little apprehensive.

We gave the kitchen an extra special clean the day before and even bought some flowers to make the room look lovely. In the end as you can see it all came out looking fantastic so I was worrying over nothing.

The recipes on my pages are simple to recreate at home and cost only a few pounds but taste delicious. If you get a chance to go to Sainsbury’s, pick up a copy, not just for my recipes, but because there are loads of other great money saving recipes throughout the magazine. Plus it comes with a free chocolate bar. Win win I say! But hurry I think most of my friends and family are buying up copies.

To read the full recipes go to the links below to take you to them on the Sainsbury Magazine website

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