Waitrose £1 Challenge Shopping List

Waitrose shopping list-1

Updated shopping list August 2018 – £45.95 = £1.15pp per day

When I have told people about the £1 a day food challenges I have been putting myself and my family through, they are interested, but always say ‘ yes but with these new budget supermarkets, it’s easier’. So I decided to challenge that idea and give it a try at one of the UKs premier supermarkets, Waitrose.

We all love going in there, but I know when I’ve tried shopping there before, you go in for a tin of beans, and end up coming out £50 lighter with a couple of bags of yummy little treats you don’t need, but look and taste so good.

So to save me over spending I decided to use the online delivery service, although ended up using Ocado by mistake, as a first time user I got £20 off, and a gift. So although most of the shopping was from Waitrose, a few ingredients were Ocado own brand products.

Once again this meal plan is based on an average family of 4, eating for 10 days on only a £1 each for all their food. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus the Odd treat to make it easier.

Also I haven’t added in teas, coffee and sugar, and few other store cupboard ingredients where it’s a pinch of this, or a splash of that. I have added the cooking oil, as that’ll be used throughout the challenge. I’m presuming that most people will have a few dried herbs and spices, so I will list any used in this challenge. If you don’t have them you could add them to your shopping list, they will last for ages and can be used for many other recipes.

As this challenge is undertaken during winter, I will have to buy most of my fresh herbs, but it’s worth thinking about growing some if you have the room and a sunny spot in the garden or on a balcony.

Even though this is a £1 challenge. I found a few browned bananas at my mother-in-laws house, and admit to a spot of bin diving to rescue them to make banana bread. There’s a recipe on the blog that’ll make it all worthwhile. She also shops at Waitrose, so I guess I’m still sticking to the plan.

Extra Ingredients
Balsamic vinegar
Extra Virgin Olive oil
Lemon and Lime juices
White wine vinegar
Cajun seasoning
Fine polenta or cornmeal
English mustard powder
Bicarbonate / baking powder
Cinnamon powder
Vanilla extract
Icing Sugar
White and brown sugars
Chilli Flakes
Mixed Herbs

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