2 people Student Week Shopping List

2 person £10 a week shopping list

I have compiled this weeks shopping list and recipes especially for students starting university this year. A lot of the time this will be the first time some of you have had to fend for yourselves, balancing budgets and cooking meals. I have used plenty of fresh vegetables and salad to keep your parents happy that you are at least getting some of your five a day.

I know during freshers week not much cooking will be happening, but when you have gone over budget as least you might be able feed yourself until the end of term.

As well as the shopping list above I have added a stock cupboard essentials list that will be used again and again throughout this blog and they’ll last for ages if stored correctly. Supermarket own brands are fine and I can’t tell the difference most of the time.

The list of extra stock cupboard items to check on are: Cumin, Worcestershire sauce, Olive Oil, White wine vinegar, Sweet Paprika, Tomato purée, Vegetable stock cube, Chinese 5 spice, Soy sauce, Allspice, Salt and Pepper, tea, coffee and sugar.