2 People Student Week Day 5

Pasta bake • Photo by PhilAshley.com

Pasta is a simple quick meal to make and getting the flavours right without a jar of sauce is easy with this recipe. we’ve added chilli to spicy this one up, but feel free to leave it out if you want.

You can add more vegetables to this dish, but make sure they are cooked through properly before adding the tomatoes.

Toast or Porridge

left over Green curry or cheese on toast

tomato and chill pasta

Chilli and Tomato Sauce Pasta bake

Serves 4


1 chilli pepper
1 red onion
1 400g tin tomatoes
1 tablespoon cooking oil
2 cloves garlic
Glass of red wine (optional)
Any leftover mushrooms (optional)


Slice up the onion, chilli, garlic and mushrooms thinly. Then put the water on to boil for the pasta

Heat the oil in a pan and add the onion until softened.

Add the garlic and chilli. Cook for about 5 minutes.

Add the tomatoes and simmer for 10 minutes. You can add a glass of wine here if you want.

Season it now to taste.

When the water has boiled, add the pasta and cook as per the packet instructions (cook all the pasta, but hold half back for cold pasta salad lunches)

Once the pasta is cooked, drain it then add to the tomato pasta sauce.

Pour this into a oven proof dish then sprinkle with some grated cheese and grill for a few minutes until the cheese has melted.